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ASG Expert Company is your agenda of news and data!
ASG Expert Company offers legal consultations in various fields. Tax Code, Labor Code, Civil Code, Administrative Code are the sources that we feed up our intelligence. Be sure you don’t miss any significant information for your work. We provide you with information about:

Legal entities:

  • what organizational and legal type to choose for your company
  • steps to take in establishing a company in Republic of Moldova
  • opening a branch office
  • opening a representative office of a non-resident legal entity in Moldova
  • calculating dividends awarded to founders
  • opening and managing a bank account in Moldovan and foreign currencies
  • registering the company with the Customs service (where an import/export company)
  • requirements and mandatory documents necessary to register a company as VAT payer
  • requirements for obtaining an excise certificate
  • paying back the excises paid
  • VAT payback
  • taxes and duties imposed by the state for your type of activity
  • mandatory primary documentation drawn up by a company
  • amount of company’s social share and possibilities to manage it
  • Moldovan accounting system
  • inventory process
  • staff business trips
  • filling in reports related to legal entities
  • process of liquidation of a company
  • implementation of international treaties to avoid double taxation
  • IT Parks in Moldova

Natural Persons:

  • launch of entrepreneurial activity as a natural person
  • taxes and duties paid by natural persons who are entrepreneurs
  • obtaining the residence permit for Moldova by non-residents who are entrepreneurs
  • taxing the income obtained by a non-resident person in Moldova
  • taxing the income obtained by a resident person in Moldova
  • taxation of notaries, lawyers, mediators, family physicians, etc.
  • filling in reports related to natural persons
  • implementation of international treaties to avoid double taxation


600 MDL
If you are short in time to come to our office, we may consult you via email. How does it work? We prepare a payment order to transfer the amount via bank transfer, and you will get an answer to your question as soon as possible.
Tax Consultancy Services

We are able to find solutions to any situation – you have decided to start an entrepreneurial activity and you want to find out more about the organizational and legal type of establishment that’s right for your type of activity, about the regular costs of a company, about the laws governing your field of work, or you are a start-up and you don’t have sufficient information about taxes, duties, reporting, procedures, or you have no idea how to act further with your business.

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