Services and prices

up to
70 MDL
  • Developing an accurate and integral file of a new resident employee
  • Developing an accurate and integral file of a non-resident employee
  • Drawing-up services agreements with individuals
  • Drawing-up certificates and orders: sick leaves, employment and salary certificates, certificates or diplomas certifying the awarding of qualification following refresher courses, orders regarding vacations, etc.
  • Filling-in and analyzing timesheets
  • Records on work carried out by day-workers and working out related documents
  • Calculating salary and related taxes (for resident and non-resident natural persons)
  • Calculating allowances for temporary incapacity for work and for annual leaves
  • Filling in reports on salaries and/or other premiums, and on related taxes
up to
70 MDL
for 1 employee
Human Resources Records

We are aware of how difficult it is to focus on important subjects, when your employees daily need certificates, amendments to agreements, additional protocols, letters, etc. We acknowledge how much time is needed to draw up an employee personal file and to draw up documentation on resignation or dismissal. Don’t let these concerns get you too deep, better focus on your business development.

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