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ASG Expert Company L.L.C has been established in 2020. Since that time, ASG Expert Company Team has managed to increase its experience in the field of accounting. The company has among its staff expert-accountants with a professional experience of over 20 years, former officers from Authorities of Law Surveillance and Control, accountants with higher education and specialization in accounting and audit.


To survive on the labor market, accountants should always be up to date with the applicable law. Here it shall be mentioned not only the tax law, but also other related laws in the legal field. Our accountants like to read a lot. This helps us giving quicker, correct and appropriate answers, and providing the best services.

Besides the accounting services, the knowledge of legislation has given us the opportunity to help people launch a business, by registering the company or activity as a natural person. We are by your side from the scratch and all along your way.

We strictly follow our principles of work, namely: professionalism, promptitude, accuracy, legality and information.
Nevertheless, we work further to be the best and to contribute to reach the highest possible pick, namely to the prosperity of our clients’ business.

We honour our commitments to our clients with actions that are accountable, ethical and trustworthy.
We pursue our clients` and our personal goals with an unwavering determination to succeed.
Due to the various practices, we have managed to become the fastest but also correct in everything we do.

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